My Mouth Then My Little Ones Ass For That Crack

Druggy phone sex My crack dealer Joe came over this morning and said he would give me this big crack rock for my mouth and my little ones ass.   He also said he wanted her spanked by me.  I was happy to get the crack that I went and got my little one and dressed her in the cutest teddy.  I brought her out to Joe and put her on her knees.  In front of him.  spanking her bare ass as she whimpers and cries.  My hand leaving red marks on her ass.  Joe was so hard that he picked my little one up and put her the couch on her stomach.  I crawled over and spread her ass cheeks wide for him.  And with out warning he shoved that cock hard and deep in her ass.  My little one cried out and screamed.  I whispered to her be a good little girl and he will give you his gift of cum.  Joe tore her ass up making her bleed. Made my cunt sloppy fucking wet.  I started rubbing my cunt against the floor.

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