My Brothers Fuck For What I Want

Gangbang whore

Getting anal gangbang by my brothers taught me that I could use my asshole to get what I wanted. After they gang fucked my asshole, they wanted more. I would make them pay me or do things for me. Now that we are older, I make them sell their man pussies for drugs. I get a lot of blow from a big black bull men who want to fulfill their rape fantasy with a tight white ass. Watching have big cock after big cock filling them up even when they just lay they’re limp, it pleases me. Getting money is just a plus. I even have them suck cock until their tummies are full of cum. When they have been fucked and filled up, we get high and I let them use my asshole. My brothers have even tried pushing both their cocks in my asshole at the same time. It worked for a bit, and then they started nutting in my asshole and the gooey nut made their cocks slip out. We do this every weekend because I need my blow like clockwork.

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