Mr. New Neighbor


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Mr. New Neighbor will let my little ones come and swim in his swimming pool, and that would be so nice, and they can come over whenever they want to because two of my little girls like to go swimming at night time. My neighbors before him used to do that even at night time. My little one’s swim in their little two-piece bathing suits I hope that is not going to bother him. I am so glad my new neighbor is such a nice man. I have 5 girls by different babies fathers, and I have one little boy, and that’s the only the boy but I since the rest of them are girls I make my little girls play with their little brother, after all, he’s the only boy, and they love to have a lot of fun with him. When they are by themselves I asked my neighbor could he come over and look after them. When I am late coming from work he can come over or maybe they can even come to his house my girls are really obedient they do whatever they are told to do, and they do not act out. I trained my little ones very well; I make sure that they are very respectable. They don’t question grown-ups one bit, and they can sure keep secrets. I can respect that my new neighbor is a nudist. I can appreciate that he doesn’t like to wear clothes. I should let him know that my little ones don’t like to wear clothes either they just do because they don’t want to be rude but if he doesn’t have a problem with them being nude then maybe they can be nude around him. I will make sure to ask him if that okay with him. I think he will be okay with my little naked ones and me; I love it because I am a nudist myself. I don’t like to wear clothes, and he is such a nice man, I am so glad that he is my neighbor. I’m sure that he will teach my babes so much about the body and its beautiful functions. I wonder if he thinks so, I just know that my new neighbor can show them how to be good girls and how to be very very smart with men because after all, they have to learn sooner better than later. My little girls have their little brother, but they need for a man to show them how to satisfy a man. I have been very afraid since I am a single mother that my girls won’t learn how to deal with men and then they won’t know what to do to satisfy them but I think my new neighbor can teach them and I will really appreciate him.


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