Dirty Babysitter

live phone sexI only sit for brats that have single hot fathers with nice cocks.  How do I know they have nice cocks? Because I advertise offering special discounts to single dads and I always have a meet and greet before I sit. Oh, yes you guessed it I fuck the handsome ones and if that cock is to my liking, I give them the discount. You know half price with a fuck session? I mind the brats and Mr. Single gets to go out and always know he has a sweet tight teen whore cunt to fuck when he gets back.  Confession number two; I can always tell when a little girl is getting special daddy sexual attention. I make it my duty to explore her cunt with my mouth and fingers. I love young slutkin cunny. Just eating that fresh bald cunt can make me cum my little pink panties. And last but not least, when a young female starts acting like a little bitch I make it my duty to groom her daddy into taking her virginity. Hormones can make a girl just impossible to deal with.  And of course I get access to that very first cherry popping. That’s my favorite fetish of all; watching a sweet girl brat opened up for the first time. Wouldn’t you like me to be your babysitter?

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