Mother and Daughter Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireIn our home of hookers for hire, it is usually my young girls and teen sluts doing the hooking. They are in-demand sluts. The other night, however, the client wanted me and my oldest daughter, who is now 20. She does more gfe type dates with a very elite and upscale escort service, but since she lives at home still, she is always available if we need her. It is just that most of our clients want the Lolita hookers, not the barely legal ones. Not this week, however. My husband had a special request for a mother / daughter sex show. The only thing he insisted on was that the daughter be of legal age. Not a problem. My oldest daughter and I fuck each other all the time. Walter came to our house. He was likely the oldest client we have had yet. He looked like a bigger version of the late great Hugh Hefner. We went to one of the sex rooms in the house. We have many rooms just designated for clients and our sexy prostitutes. We go to hotel rooms, office suites and homes too. Anyway, we were excited to work together. It has been years since we were hired together. We had a bunch of dildos ready and lots of oil and lube. He made it clear he would not touch us, and we would not touch him. He had Covid concerns. I get it, he was 83. He must have taken a Viagra because the moment we started his dick was at attention and he was beating it. My girl and I did not have to act. We love using double-sided dildos on each other. We fucked our pussies. We fucked our asses. We ate each other until we begged for mercy. We made $2,000 for doing what we do every chance we get. Life is good for this trashy milf.

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