Mommy’s New Gig

taboo phonesexI just found the perfect gig to get me more business. After school tutoring and care. The kind where the school sends the older brats to me so I can keep them until mommy or daddy comes for their precious cargo. I throw them some PBJ sandwiches, turn on the TV, and boom, easy money. But that didn’t satisfy me. I’m a greedy pervy whore. All I can think about is all of that useless flesh sitting there and waiting when I have so much for them to learn. I began by putting them in study groups. It was like an experiment and they were my little guinea pigs. I used money and blackmail to get what I wanted from them. They were trapped. I had them on video showing me those little pussies and dicks. They had no choice but to cooperate. We wouldn’t want Daddy to see those, would we?

Yep, it’s a great business. I’m having an Open House tomorrow. I’m giving out free samples. Sweet little cupcakes with gooey filling and a cherry on top. Cocktail weenies and d’oeuvres. They’ll melt on your tongue. Would you care to stop by and taste my fresh goods?

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