Milking My Boss

No taboo phone sex

I was late for work again and I knew he would want to have a word with me worst of all I didn’t have panties on. When I walked in, he told me he was tired of me being late but instead of punishing me he would give a new position. He said I would be his personal fuck toy and toilet. At this point I felt like I had no choice but to agree I needed to be able to work. He took his clothes of and bent over the desk and told me that I would be milking him. I was to massage his prostate with my tongue and stroke his cock until I milked every drop of cum out of him. I started licking his asshole with my tongue and he shoved my head deeper into his ass. I stroked his cock as I licked deep in his ass trying to massage his prostate enough to make all his cum come out. Then I felt his ball tighten up and he told me to bend over and he shoved his cock in my asshole. All I could feel is the stretching of my asshole and his cum pumping in me. he has made me his Anal cum dumpster.

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