Lot Lizard Copy Cat Cunt Learns Lesson

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It’s evident one of these new sluts lurking around my lot is trying to sneak up on my favorite John’s before I can get to them. That bitch is seriously stealing my style, so I decided to teach her a little lesson. With a little of my coke head game, I convinced one of the bigger (and I don’t just mean his cock) drivers to keep her for me until I got there. When she saw me slide into Old Don Riley’s truck to let him eat my asshole for a buck twenty, she snuck over to Mack Adams rig and got inside.

Well, they started smoking and I made wrinkle dick Old Don Riley cum fast so by the time Mack Adams was pulling out his twelve inch black cock, I had time to slide up into the cab. She was shocked, but we both grabbed her and bent her over. She wasn’t going to get paid for stepping onto my turf! He took his fat cock and slammed it so deep inside of her I didn’t think I’d ever see it again.

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All I could hear was the squelching of her cum soaked cunt getting stretched out yet again by this massive meat monster Mack Adams has! Well little miss mess was learning her fucking lesson after all. Mack Adams grabbed a huge dildo, one he kept for his special double penetration kink, and had me throat fuck her with it. She thought she was so charming, but she was just a whore like the rest of us. I grabbed a handful of her copy cat red hair, and started choking her with that big piece of rubber.

The bitch was screaming for help, but this non consensual rendezvous was cumming along better than I could have hoped. I bet that whore won’t steal from me again!

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