Meeting New Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesJust because I am the madam of a home brothel, does not mean I do not appreciate other sexy prostitutes. I am always scouting out new talent. I need to replenish the stock as my girls get older. Street walking Lolitas are easy for me to adopt. I do not adopt legally. Street walking girls do not live in the best conditions. They usually have a pimp who takes most of their money. It is an ever-ending cycle for them. If they are game to my proposition, I offer them a nice house, sweet clothes, a chance to save money and the opportunity to get an education. I have girls in my house that are not biologically mine, but they call me mommy. I took them from deplorable situations, some even worse than the ones I grew up in, and in return, they are my Lolita hookers for hire. I went down to the red light district last night and met Ember. What a hottie. Tall, dirty blonde, blue eyes and long legs. She would polish up nicely. I gave her a wad of cash. Likely, the biggest wad any guy has given her yet. I took her to a nicer hotel than she was used to also. I made her a proposition she could refuse. This one was new to the streets and already wishing she had different options. But she is a high school dropout and runaway. Not many options. She did not have a pimp yet, so no one for my husband to buy out. All that was left for me to do was to taste the merchandise. I buried my face between her pussy and tasted that tender age fruit. She loved me eating her bald pussy. She ate mine back. I have a strong lesbian side, so having a young teen slut to take care of me, is a bonus. But I am altruistic too. I brought her home, gave her the last solo bedroom in the house and told she no longer needs to work the streets. She will have a week to get acclimated, but then we will pimp out that sweet cunt. 

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