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Its almost here! As brat growing up I fucking loved Star wars. Luke was my first real male crush. I would rub my cock to him while I watched that movie over and over again! When Luke kissed Leia incest was the hottest thing to me. That why I loved getting fucked by my daddy. Now back to this story that I think should have a rewrite! Now go back to that kiss, Instead of them stopping they should have kept going. Having Luke kiss Leia down her body. Kissing her neck, sucking and nibbling on her nipples licking all the way down to her big fat cock!

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That is right, it was Luke and Levi until Levi got big tittie implants! Then Levi turned into the sexy Leia! Now that is one hot ass fucking scene between brother and shemale sibling! Now who wants to watch when Chewy and Hans get in on the acting fucking both Luke and Leia’s tight assholes!


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