Lot lizard sex saved me!

lot lizard sexWell, I have never really thought of myself as a lot lizard, seriously I don’t usually spend a whole lot of time around truck stops but this weekend that all changed. I was driving to visit a friend and my car broke down, luckily I was at a truck stop but unluckily, I was broke as shit and my cell phone was dead as fuck! I didn’t know what to do and honestly I was about to just sit there and cry and feel sorry for myself but then this guy came up to me. He asked what was wrong and after I explained he told me that he was sure that he could help me out… if I helped him and his friend out too. Hellooooo, I am a total slut so yeah, I had no problem with that at all! I went back to his truck with him and all I had to do was let him and a friend piss on me and then suck their cocks… not exactly hard work at all! Plus they not only fixed my damn car, they also made sure I had some money in my pocket too! I may have to rethink the whole lot lizard sex thing huh?

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