Make Me Gag, Baby

big dick sucker

I have a confession to make to you. I’m a total slut and my nickname around town is big dick sucker. When I find out that a man has a big dick, I just immediately want to drop down to my knees to suck it. I mean, sometimes I actually have dropped to my knees in public and it’s gotten me into trouble. But I have also had a lot of really fucking hot experiences sucking big dick and I would love to tell you all about them.
There are so many ways I love to suck cock. Like I said, I love getting onto my knees and sucking – sometimes with me taking control and other times with him skull fucking me hard. Sometimes I like sitting on his face so he can eat my pussy while I swallow his big dick. And sometimes I love hanging my head over the edge of the bed so he can really just slam his big fat cock down my throat. Honestly, as long as I have a dick down my throat, I am a happy little slut. Would you like to shove your dick as far down as it can go? Call me and tell me all about it!

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