Made him my cocksucker

Druggy phone sex

A man can build a thousand bridges and suck one dick, to the world he isn’t a bridge builder, He’s a Cocksucker!  That is what you are. You little fucking cock sucking whore. You loved it when I pinched your nose shut and shoved my big tranny cock down your throat. Mmmm thinking about the way your throat was contracting around my big thick tranny cock makes me hard as fuck. You looked so sexy with your nose running with tears down your face.

Taboo phonesex

You might be some big power house outside of this trashy motel room. But in here you are my cock sucking whore. You are going to be fucked in every hole. I’m going to drug you up. Make force you to have a hard cock with my favorite little blue pill. I am going to force fuck you till your balls are empty! I am going to make you my little cum slut. Now Kiss the head of my dripping tranny cock. 

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