Lusty Luncheon with an Old Friend

Today was amazing!! Just AMAZING!! My old friend and mentor, BJ, called last night to invite me for lunch today. We haven’t seen each other since right after she left the club for her new job as a porn stripper.2 girl phone sex

I met BJ when my pimp first got me my job at the club. She was my trainer, my mentor, and the first person to give a real damn about me for me since my youth. She and I met for lunch at this little pub right down the street from the club. It was about midway through lunch that I realized that there was heat coursing between us. After we finished lunch, and the tab was split and covered, we walked out together. We both turned in the opposite direction of the club, and the next thing I knew, we were in an alley, kissing and stroking and doing that dance of seduction that only women know how to do.Stripper sex porn

My hand disappeared up her skirt as hers found its way under my shirt. I rubbed her off a couple of times before she blew my mind with 3 in my pussy, one in my ass, and her thumb on my clit. We have scheduled our next luncheon, and I cannot wait to enjoy her again!

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