Lot lizzard lessons

Big dick sucker

Tonight at the truck stop I decided to hold a little meet with all my hoes. Seems that business is down a bit lately and I must get to the bottom of it. If there is punishment to be had you best believe I will be giving them out.
I had a recent complaint that some of my little lot lizards are not going down far enough while giving head. This is not how they were trained and I must put them to the test once again. They cannot be costing this bitch money. I made sure to have with me the biggest rubber cock I could get my hands on. I had plans on making these bitches line up one by one as they took this monster in their mouths and if they needed help I would be there to push their heads down on it making sure they knew how to suck some cock the right way. This would never be a complaint again from any of my Johns.

Jessica was first up and I must say she did quite well swallowing that cock down her throat. I knew she wasn’t doing our clientele wrong. Next was Ashley and she had a bit of a struggle. No worries though I grabbed her by that pretty little blonde ponytail and made sure she got it down to the point of her nearly puking on this over sized dong. I don’t think we will be having any cock sucking issues with Ashley. I could see Anna trembling as she walked up to our little test prick. I knew she was going to need a great deal of guidance. I lifted this limp rubber dick up and gave her lips a thud with it. She was hesitant on opening up so I grabbed her tit and gave it a little twist. Oh yes just as she squealed out I shoved that prick down her throat. This will be the last time she refuses to slob on a knob. Bringing tears down her cheeks as I slide this rod in and out of her mouth she finally gave in and took it like the nasty little lot lizard she is.

All girls passed after seeing Anna’s struggle and for that I gave them the reward of eating my pussy. After all my cunt was nice and primed up after I watched all my whores suck this cock. What better way to take care of my wet mess than to have them lick me clean. It’s nice having my little clan of whores, not only are they at my truckers beck and call more importantly they service me well when I need it.

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