Lot Lizard Sex Show

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex? Guys ask me all the time what that is. It means I am a truck stop trollop. I hang out at truck stops to party and fuck truckers. I took a ride with one last night. He wanted to take me to the Lion’s Den. Do you know what those are? They are huge sex store complexes along highways geared towards truckers. They sell sex toys, porn DVDS and they also have glory holes and private booths. I thought he wanted me to help him pick put a flesh light and some DVDs, but he had other plans. He wanted me to suck cock in the glory hole and watch me fuck some men in a private booth. I was down. I am both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I like to watch. I like to be watched. I am a trailer trash whore. Truck stops and sex stores are my comfort zone. My trucker pal watched me suck about 20 cocks off in the glory hole room. He kissed me afterward. He loves creampies and snowballs. I love men who love creampies and snowballs. I was happy to kiss him with cum breath. I was happy to swap jizz with him too.  I had cum breath when we went to a booth. This is when I found out my trucker’s true intent for bringing me here. Profit. He was acting as my pimp for the day. I never charge for my services. I am a slut who loves to fuck. It is no job for me to fuck. It is pleasure. I do fuck in exchange for coke and I guess I have snorted a lot of this trucker’s coke, so it was time to pay back. No problem. This cum whore bounced on a lot of cock and let him collect the money. I was just there for the cock, cum and coke.

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