Lot Lizard Sex Party

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is for skanks like me and my daughter. Dirty cum whores who need fucked and don’t care who is doing the fucking. Truckers, after 18 hours or 18 minutes on the road, are always down to fuck. My teen daughter came to me the other day saying she needed gang banged. She also wanted some coke. Well the best place to get both is at the local truck stop. You would be surprised to know what kind of dirty antics go on in the back of a big rig.

I had her dress slutty like her mamma in tight jean shorts and a tank top, paired with stripper heels. The trashier you look, the faster you score coke and cock. There is always competition at the truck stop. My daughter and I are total cum whores, but we look a lot better than the average lot lizard, which means we usually get the prime meat of the truckers when we troll. We found a really sweet looking young trucker with a hot wife down to play. Bonus. We got some hot twat too.

live phone sexFucking our luck, it started raining. I didn’t really care; in fact I thought it might make clean up a bit easier. My daughter, the exhibitionist she is, wanted to fuck against the truck. It was daylight still, but dark from the weather. We went around to the side, where I unzipped his pants to suck his cock. He was a she. Looked like a dude. A pretty dude, but I never thought my boy toy would have a puss. His wife showed us his strap-on. Well, that works for me. I mean, who is a skank to judge a freak, right?

He fucked my ass with that strap-on while his girl ate out my cunt. Then he made his girl clean off my ass jizz by skull fucking her with the dildo. We took turns fucking and being fucked. My daughter and I play with strap ons and double sided dildos all the time, just never up against a 18 wheeler in a rain storm. We had a small audience gather around us, luckily many male truckers so we could get the gangbang my daughter wanted. I enjoyed watching her lean up against the truck while cock after cock banged a fuck hole filling her up with cum that I got to guzzle out.

gangbang whoreOnce the cum started flowing, so did the coke. Everyone was doing bumps and grinding against strap ons, cocks and fingers. Truckers dumped their fugly lot lizards and joined our trashy fuck fest. We made a lot of new friends, and few enemies. Some skanks are territorial I guess. But a trucker is King at the truck stop. Not my fault my daughter and I are hotter than your average lot lizard and fuck better too. After scoring some good coke, my girl and went home broke out our strap on and partied like trailer park whores.

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