Lot lizard sex goes LIVE!!!

lot lizard sex

Your car is sitting in the truckers lot. I wonder why a Mercedes is even in this lot. You’re not my typical lot lizard sex customer. “Looking for a date, sweetie?” I purr as I check you out. You are well dressed and attractive. I notice right away that your fat dick is already waving in the air. “Climb in.” you smile. You don’t waste a minute in pushing my head into your lap. You slide your cock in and out of my hot mouth a few times, like you are warming up. “Now the real fun begins.” you grin. You get out of the car, taking me by the hand. You bring me to the front of the car, leaving the headlights on. I hear a few whistles from the truckers as you pull up my skirt, revealing my little red thong. You unbutton my shirt, pulling my huge tits out. You suck them slowly, making me want more. I’m a voyeur at heart so this suits me fine. Besides, all of this public attention is sure to get me more business tonight. Every trucker in here is gonna want some pussy. You bend me over the hood of the car, making sure your fat cock is illuminated in the headlights. I play along, begging you to fuck me. Without warning, you shove your meat stick right up my shithole. I scream for real. You slap my ass hard and pull my head back by my ponytail. You are pounding me hard now, moaning loudly as my ass muscles clamp your dick tightly. Your balls are slapping my pussy. My orgasm is building, too, and I moan even louder. I hear a few horns as the truckers express their gratitude. You spin me around, my cunt still pulsating, and shove your slippery, shitty cock down my throat. I gulp it as you pump it hard and fast. You howl at the moon as you feed me spurts of thick, salty jizz. The parking lot becomes a cacophony of noise. Air horns, hoots, and moans as the other drivers shoot loads onto their steering wheels.

Then I see the cameras. I’ve just been featured on an episode of “Truckstop Whores Gone Wild” It’s an online live feed for the trucker community. You smile as you drive off. I smile even bigger cause I know I’m gonna make the big bucks tonight!!!

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