Lot Lizard Sex for the Pavement Princess

lot lizard sex BethanyLast night, I was just wanting to get some good, nasty fucking from anyone I could find, so I went over to the local truck stop. Those boys know they can find some of the skankiest hos in the area over there, but it’s also the best place for lot lizard sex.

I didn’t really care what I got, I just needed some cock. So, when I got to the truck stop, I walked up to the first closed can I saw and banged on the door. No one home. Same at the next one. The third cab opened to me to reveal a scrawny trucker chowing down on a burger.

“Ya got anything to share?” I asked him.

“Sure do, but I’m not putting down my meal.”

“You don’t have to.” He swiveled in his seat, I unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, and pulled out his hardening cock. I swallowed it down, greedily gagging on it in my haste to taste that delicious cum, and I barely noticed when I felt hands prodding at my skirts at my rear.

The stranger behind me pulled aside my thong and stick a rock hard pecker into my pussy. He practically lifted me up, which made it easier to keep sucking on the first guy as he contentedly finished up his burger.

Then I heard a deep, ominous voice, “What are you two doing to that fine lady here?”

sloppy wet pussy Bethany

With a one-two-grunt, the guy fucking me spent himself – over so fast! – but the dude I was sucking went limp at the sound and pulled himself away from me. I was dropped like a hot potato.

The man who had spoken was a big, burly man, heavily bearded. He beckoned to me and said, “C’mere, pavement princess, we’ll get you cleaned up.”

Somewhat miffed at my fun being spoiled, I followed him, back to his truck. At the cab, he opened the door to the passenger side, hidden from view, lifted me up easily, and sat me down on the seat there. He then reached under my skirt, slid off my thong, and spread my legs. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked him.

“Cleaning you up,” he replied, diving his head down and licking out the cum from my previous occupant. Then he hitched his pants down, picked me up, shoved me against the side of his truck, and fucked me hard, bouncing me on top of him like I was riding a pogo stick.

When he was done, I could barely stand, so he gave me a ride home. I had my husband suck the rest of the cum out of my dripping pussy before going to bed for the night.

cum dumpster Bethany

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