Losing my Oktoberfest virginity

Pissing phone sex

Today Oktoberfest starts in Germany! I remember my first Oktoberfest! High school guys drinking tons of beer, getting shit faced and then I show up. Not even close to the same age as them and those guys were more than happy to share their beer and much more with me. They started feeding me beer, making me chug one big mug of beer right after each other. I had no idea what beer tasted like or what it was supposed to taste like but I loved it and wanted more. Finally they were laughing so hard one guy asked me if I wanted it straight from the tap. I had no idea what that ment so I said yes. He told me to close my eyes and being the nieve little slut I was I did as I was told. Closed my eyes, then they told me to open my mouth and to start sucking on the tip of the nosel. As soon as I started sucking the warm wet beer started to flow into my mouth. It was so fucking good. They told me to open my eyes and that is when I tried to move. They started to hold me down as each one of them took turns pissing in my mouth and then throat fucking me! Ever since then I have been a dirty toilet whore who LOVES Oktoberfest!

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