little white lies and little white lines

cum dumpsteranal cum dumpster

Okay so you have noticed some money from the register is missing? What am I supposed to do fess up? I am not going to fess up you already know the deal. I have a coke habit, and you have been underpaying me. I have so much shit on you like you fucking me and using me while your wife has no idea! I bet she would love to know what you are up to when you say you have a long night at the office. You weren’t working hard and trying to get things done. In fact, you were getting acquainted with your hot coke whore Liberian you were making me your anal sex whore along with someone of my hot friends. Instead of bitching about a couple of the twenties missing why don’t you give me a bonus for every time I have to suck on your puny cock. Keep both of us happy, and I will keep my mouth shut. A bit quid pro quo okay?

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