Little lizards on the lot!

I am so proud of them. I have been showing them the ropes and my girls seem to get it. EVery cock they suck, every big fat throbbing cock that fucks their ass holes and cunts brings them one step closer to the level I have achieved as an experienced lot lizard whore.  I want my girls to know how to take a pounding like a champ and how to open wide and take the load with out gagging. I have shown them how to bounce, wiggle and wag those swanky little asses of theirs.Lot lizard sex AmaraNow that they are being put to use, they van bring me home some money to pay the bills. I cant have cock in me all the time and they need to be full too. The best that could happen is that they got knocked up so we had even more mini whore lot lizards to train for more money. Momma’s raking in the dough now.

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