Lick the Shit off My Foot Bottom Feeder

no taboo phone sex big tits cum dumpI was trying to score some drugs off this young drug dealer. Everything was going well. I was blowing him, polishing the chrome right off his knob in exchange for an eight ball. And in walked this loser who has pretty much been stalking me. He is rumored to have a tiny dick, and well I ain’t got time for small packages. But, he thinks because I’m a dirty old whore, I will fuck anything. WRONG. Move along looser. When I told him to get the fuck out of my trailer, he tried to threaten me. Said he would turn me in for prostitution and drugs if I didn’t fuck him. Half my age, but half my brain also. Stupid fucker. One, you don’t ruin my score. Two, you don’t blackmail me. My dealer left me with a load of cum on my face but NO coke. I was beyond pissed. I turned to Jim, “Well I guess you better finish me off since I didn’t get fucked.” He started chomping at the bit.

I can’t believe he thought I would really fuck him. I informed him he needed to lick my ass first. He was more than happy to get at my taint. That was until I shit on his face. I had my ass right on his face when I squirted a nice juicy log down his throat. He started to gag, tried to spit out my shit. I just smeared it across his face with my ass, making him lick my dirty asshole. Then I stood up, took my foot and stepped in my own feces, and forced him to lick the shit off my foot too. I just kept stepping on his face with my shit covered foot so he would lick it clean like a dog licks its dirty ass after taking a dump. “This is what happens to losers who attempt to blackmail me,” I shrieked at him. I force fed him all my shit with my foot until my foot was clean again. He licked up every single speck of crap too.

toliet sex scat playI made sure he understood that if he ever tried to blackmail me again, everyone would know he was a shit licker. Pretty sure I rid myself of that bottom feeder. I’m a nasty bitch. I have no limits, no taboos. You try to fuck with me, I will fuck back tenfold.

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