letting him play with me for money

dirty phone sex

I’m such a dirty girl. I go to my neighbor’s house. I’m completely broke and I need to make some cash fast. He is an old man. He can’t even walk without a walker. His cock can’t even get fully hard. I knock on his door. He yells for me to enter. He wants to know what I want. I tell him that I want to make some money. He did say come back anytime I need to make some. He tells me today he wants to play with my pussy. I strip down naked. I lay on the couch as he sits in the chair he moved in front of me. I spread my legs open wide. He starts to rub my clit with his fragile hands. It feels good. He then takes two fingers and starts to finger fuck my wet cunt. I moan with pleasure. He takes his other hand and still rubs my clit. He is getting me so wet. I get to make money for this. ==giggles== He digs his fingers deep inside of my cunt until my pussy clenches. He takes his fingers out and rubs my cunt nub. My pussy squirts all over the front of him. Over and over my juices pour out of me. When we are done he gives me a fifty dollar bill. I thank him and gather my clothes. I put them on and leave. There is something to be said about a girl that can make money just by getting her cunt rubbed.

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