Let’s get filthy as fuck!

cum dumpsterSo we both know you heard I am the nastiest slut around, the skank that will do anything. You’ve read my blogs proving to you just how dirty I am willing to get… but have you ever heard about a girl who was willing to fuck your cock right at your local city dump? Sounds farfetched right? Well not for me! I am here to prove to you just how willing I am to get to different levels of nasty and dirty than you ever imagined a girl as hot as me would ever go to… I told you I’d do anything. I am the dirtiest skankiest bitch of all and laying me out to fuck in some smelly waste isn’t going to make me turn away, it’s going to propel me towards pleasing you all the while still enjoying that toilet play I know you love so much. What’s a better place to take a fat shit on you than the dump? We are already beyond filthy so why don’t we enjoy ourselves while we are here having our nasty fun, the kind of fun that isn’t for those with a weak stomach. Mmm, you wanna know what I ate today? Lots of fruit baby, so much fruit that I have to shit and let me go ahead and warn you it’s going to be a lot! Sliding down your chest… down to your hard cock and balls, I’d be glad to rub it in – and I’d love nothing more than for you to fuck my ass right now as I shit over and over again completely dirtying up that raging boner of yours… and if you want it clean I most certainly have some sweet piss for that! Unless of course you wanted it as a drink…

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