Let me suck if off

White trash phone sex
Last week I had some complications come up, and I needed a fix. My neighbor always has some good shit, so I thought I’d stop by to pay him a visit. I waited for his crazy bitch to leave, and I made my move. My body was on fire and I had a dull ache in my pussy so fucking bad. I knew he was going to want what I had to offer. I knocked on the door and he opened, loose light grey sweat pants hanging off his hips showing the top of his hairy black bush. I smiled and walked in. He started to say something about “not this time”, and “how was he supposed to make any money if he keeps giving me free samples?”. I turned and put my little hands right down his pants and pulled his cock out. Before he could stop me, my mouth was on his cock. I started playing with his balls and licking the tip. He was rock hard and loving having his cock sucked. He grabbed the back of my head as he said “You are gonna pay me back for all that free shit right now, and if you’re any good I’ll give your nasty ass a tip.” He started throat fucking me. Shoving his big cock down my throat. Making me choke and gag on his fat cock till he blew his load in my mouth and all over my face. Needless to say, I got my fix.

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