Late night at Work!

cum filled cuntI was pretty PISSED at work on Friday. This was my party weekend my new boss, The Bitch, told me I had to stay late and do an inventory of the classics. Like that is what interns are for. AND nothing worth staying over on a fucking FRIDAY on a holiday weekend. It was late, I was almost done. And still pissed off when I heard someone in the building. I was pretty startled! So I slipped off my heels and tip toed into the other room to see what I could see. And I walked in on the new night guard, pants down, stroking his meat to a WEB CAM! This was an opportunity I could not pass up! I snuck in behind him … so the audience could see me.. but he could NOT! And then I dropped my tiny little dress! And slipped out of my tiny little thongs. I unhooked my bra and I could hear out of his speakers everyone telling him to turn around. It was funny seeing him jump like a little girl on camera! Then his balls dropped and the man took over. The new guard grabbed me and bent me over the front desk! It was so much better knowing he had an audience! I was getting fucked on camera! And fucked REALLY good and hard! I knew he was posing for the camera. And I did the same thing! I could hear his speakers. Everyone stroking off or giving directions. I never knew it could be so fucking hot! I made him cum all over me so we could give a good show! After I cleaned up I hurried right out to buy my first web cam! I am hooked!

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