Trailer Trash Play Date

Trailer Trash WhoreI know it is not good for my little one to spend all her time with me while I am working at the club so I thought I would help her out and do some play dates with some of the other brats in our trailer park.

I didn’t realize that she had to be approved by the head of the trailer park playdate committee!

After a quick evaluation, he said that he did not think she would fit in with the other little ones! I was shocked! She needs to be with other little brats and learn to play! I told him I would do anything to convince him!

He told me that he wanted to make sure she could follow instructions so he was going to give me a command and I had better make sure she did it just the same as mommy!

He told me to take of my clothes and give him a lap dance. I did what he said and then sat my tot on has lap so she could grind her tiny little ass on him.

He go so hard that he had to let that massive fuck stick out!

He said that now we were all going to masturbate until we started to drip. Then he said that it would be in my best interest to make sure she got wet. I sat back and showed her how mommy rubs her clit to get wet and told her to do it to.

I told her to shove her little fingers as far in her tiny little cunny as she could. She did as she was told and he watched as he slowly rubbed his own cock.

My little one was having a hard time getting wet so I slid my cream soaked fingers in her tight little twat.

He really liked watching and told me to finger fuck her harder. I did what he said and watched as pre-cum started to drip from his yummy cock. I wanted to taste it! He said that he never lets trailer trash lips touch his meat. He said that if wanted to taste him, it would have to be out of my little brats fuck hole!

He ordered me to hold her legs apart while he slammed that fuck rod in her sweet little pussy. The more she cried, the harder he pushed until he unloaded that wad filling up her pussy!

As soon as he finished, he demanded that I eat every bit of it out of her. I did what he said as he held her in his lap. I was getting sloppy and my tongue came too close to his cock and he get pissed!

He got up and sat her in the chair and told me to finish cleaning out her twat while he punished me for letting my white trash lips touch him. He started spanking my ass over and over again, forcing my face deeper into the little ones sloppy wet pussy.

He made my say that I was a trailer trash whore with each slap! The taste of him in her and the sting of his hand on my ass made me explode all over the three of us!

Then my little tyke did just as mommy showed her and started cleaning up my cream just as I had done her!

My little brat was a trailer trash whore just like her mommy!

She had done a good job to! He told us that he would call us to schedule the next playdate!

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