Krusty Kreme

Cum filled cunt


Some men love cream filled donuts and some love a cum filled cunt.  I went to the donut shop at 4 AM after a long night of hard fucking to see if I could find somebody who likes both.  I was still all jacked up on booze and addy’s and leaking cum from all my ravaged fuck holes when I staggered up the back alley to puke my guts out.  There was a bum out back digging through the day old’s who looked starved for more than just fried dough.  Spotting an easy target, that filthy fuck lurked over to me and started stroking his cream horn right in my face.  His dick looked grimy as hell but I’m a dirty gutter slut so that’s exactly how I like it.  I didn’t hesitate to shove his hog in my mouth and suck all the gooey filling out of his long john.  He pushed me down into my puke puddle, jammed his cock into my blown out Boston cream pie and fucked me raw, filling me with load after frothy load.



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