Kringle All The Way!

Cum Dumpster

Being nasty stripper slut is so much fun around Christmas! All the dancers at the club where I work were booked for a holiday party last minute. The only thing we were told was to dress up festively and expect to be paid lots of cash! When me and the girls arrived at the mansion for the party, we were overwhelmed at the number of cars parked out front. We rushed in excitedly to find a big group of old men all dressed as Santa! I couldn’t have been more excited because I’ve always found a way to fuck a Santa Claus every year and this year it happened like magic! Right away I started dancing with all the jolly old men, they got so hard watching me and my stripper friend touch each other I decided to really give them a show. I stripped naked and started scissoring with my gal pal, before I knew it, I was getting a hard dick forced in my mouth and they were fighting over my sloppy wet cunny!

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