Jerk Yourself With My Wet Panties

Cum guzzling slutYou’re a horny mother fucker and I want you to sit in front of me and jack off your throbbing cock with my soaking wet panties. First off let me shove them in your mouth so they’re gagging you down your fucking throat, I want you to tell me how delicious I taste while you suck on my juices! I want that tongue of yours going wild while you eat me up! Now take them out of your mouth and let me wrap them tightly around you rock hard dick. Haha, the look on your face is fucking priceless you dirty, filthy pervert! Let your eyes roll to the back of your head while I stroke you up and down! Your pre-cum is already oozing out of your mushroom head! You ready to bust that big load for me? I want you fucking begging me to make you shoot out your sperm all over my wet thong! Oh yeah that’s it! Let me feel all of that gooey wetness from your cock cream! It’s so white and milky, it stains my red panties perfectly! Yummy!

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