I had to shit, now I don’t

Does cheap gas station food give any one else the shits, better yet has anyone else ever had a guy trying to get your services, when you have a massive stomach ache and need to shit? in the bathroom stall  It happened to me. My stomach was hurting and I went to use the bathroom in the broken down bum gas station, when in burst the trucker who was trying to pick me up outside. I looked at him as I was bent over, grasping my stomach.He stood there and looked at me, then I saw him twitch and he lunged at me.

Scat phone sex

He yanked me off of that toilet spun me around, fumbled his zipper open and rammed his hard cock into my puckering asshole. He had me bent over as he pounded away and my face was pretty much in the toilet as he fucked my own shit out of me. Right before he was finished and ready to jizz he plucked his shitty cock out of my asshole and made me turn around, before I could say anything, I had his cock in my mouth and my feces going into the back of my own throat. I was choking from the smell and trying to get a breath in as he throat fucked me making me redigest what I was trying to eliminate already. I felt a large warm creamy load hit my tonsils as he came, the shit, sweat, pubic hair and cum all went down in one load. He simply turned around, left and I still having a stomach ache, no longer needed to shit.

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