Jerk your dick while I watch

Cum eating phone sexI know that you love to have an audience while you masturbate and it turns me on so much to see you put on a show for me! I’m wearing my sexy little g-string and sucking on my lollipop while I look you dead in the eyes as you stroke that cock! I’m so wet and horny and get even wetter with each stroke of that rock hard dick of yours. I love hearing you moan loud as your eyes roll to the back of your head. My slutty girlfriend just arrived to the house and she wants to join in on the fun and watch you with me too! Cum eating phone sex is our specialty and we wanna prove that to you! The more of an audience the merrier, it only makes you wanna jerk yourself harder and faster! All of your pre-cum is splashing out and showering your torso & making a big ole’ mess. My girlfriend and I are no ready for the main event, baby. Show us how much sperm you have imploded into that throbbing shaft of yours! Don’t spare a single drop, we wanna get fucking filthy and clean you up so don’t worry about causing a huge puddle for us to lick all up! Put our tongues to work and let us show you how fuckin dirty we love to be!

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