I’ve been a big dick sucker for years!

big dick suckerI’ve been a big dick sucker for years and years, I’m kind of addicted to it… especially when I am drunk as fuck. Last night I was super wasted and I started getting that craving, I needed a dick to suck so bad but I couldn’t find anyone that would let me. I was getting really bummed out when I realized that all I had to do was go down to the corner where all he hookers hang out and I’d find a dick to suck in no time and I’d get paid to do it too! Can’t go wrong there right? So I went out to the corner all wasted and shit and within five minutes had a dude asking me if I was a working girl. I was like fuck yeah I am! Hopped right in his car and had his cock out before we even pulled away from the curb! I wasn’t even gonna charge him for it either but he threw a couple twenties at me so I took em and went on my way.

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