I’m Your Cum Dumpster

Cum dumpster

You came looking for a cum dumpster slut like me. I leaned into your car told you how much my services were, but all you were interested in is why my ass was on the corner. You had been to a party with me and a couple strippers and had a nice orgy, It was my luck you remembered my face and quoted me a price for a gang bang party and said your coke dealer would be there. Because you know what a coke whore I am. I jumped in and As soon As I walked in a chorus of ” baby come here and suck my dick first!” erupted.  This druggy bitch needed a few lines but after that my pussy was soaked and I was on my knees with my ass up for all your buddies. My mouth wrapped tightly around your cock as your boss fucked my ass deep and hard. “Hey, Everybody what do you think of my little coke gangbang whore??”  Everyone Cheered as I took cock after cock, I am glad to keep your friends entertained as My orifices get pumped and cum gets dumped into every hole I have.  



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