I’m on a Boat!

Prostitution pornSo I have a new favorite John.

He has a boat!

I’ve not been sailing in forever and then getting paid to be there and getting sex too!?

Dream come true.

I mean almost, he’s not Andy Samberg or T-Pain but still I’m so excited!

So I all all glamorous, met with the John and he wasn’t bad looking and the boat was definitely sexy.

It was nice too, I got to work on my tan as we moved out of the marina and away from all the other boats into a more private place to play. We chatted while I tanned and it was actually one of the most relaxing Johns I’d ever been with.

I think I must have dozed off for a minute because I woke up to a hand massaging my tit and no idea where we were. A moment of panic and memories of horror movies assaulted me before I remembered what I was doing.

I grinned up at the john leaning over me. Kissing him as he leaned down, placing his lips on mine. Slipping my favorite little happy pill between my lips. My arms wrapping around him as his hand drifted lower, dipping under the black cloth and teasing my slit. He groaned as he felt my wetness and broke to the kiss “I’ve waited for this for so long.”

This was some real romantic shit, man. Who would’ve expected that!? Ha.

Then his fingers found my clit and man, he knew just how to press. I moaned against his mouth, hips arching to press into his fingers. My hand moving to find his cock in his shorts.

I was going to fuck the shit out of this man, make sure he came in every hole I had and make sure he got a nautical adventure he never forgot.

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