I’m nothing but a dumb little pig and through shit I will dig!

Dirty phone sexMy stomach is bubbling from the ex-lax that you force fed be a few hours ago and I am about to blow. You bend me over and force your cock deep inside my ass making me take every inch of your cock! The force causing my runny shit to ooze out of my ass and down your cock. Fuck my shitty ass baby! Force that shit out! Ram your cock deep in my ass like a plunger unclogging this shit pipe, and cleaning me out! Ram me hard and fast and use me like the disgusting fucking filthy pig I am! I want to be a nasty potty hoe! For you I will do anything, I mean this is all I am good for. I’m nothing but a dumb little pig and through shit I will dig! You whip me around by my hair forcing your cock in this potty whore’s face. “You are nothing but a disgusting like bitch don’t worry you’ll eat my cum like the bitch you are!” I gag as you face fuck me. I want you to piss down my throat! Chock me not only with this massive cock but also drown me in your piss! Force fuck me with that cock and force me to drink every drop! My stomach is full of shit and piss from this huge cock being shoved basically to my stomach. The only thing I’m missing is that massive nut. Not fuck me baby fuck my and use all my dirty holes. Jerk your cock and make this cum whore useful. After all I want my dessert and pushing out a cream pie and licking up on my hands and knees like the true bitch I am sounds like exactly what I need!

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    • Mack on June 20, 2022 at 9:53 am
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    Thanks for the hot fuck pig call, Donna. You nailed it

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