Being a Cum Dumpster Cures Hang Overs

cum dumpsterI am known as the trailer park cum dumpster. When horny boys or men need their balls drained, they come and see me. I am happy to have that kind of reputation too.Cum does this old body good. I woke up hungover as fuck this morning. I was drinking and doing coke last night, which I am no stranger to doing, but I was mixing my booze and not drinking enough water. With these brutal temperatures, I need to stay hydrated better. I was doing more coke and booze this morning in an attempt to negate my migraine, but it did not work. I heard a knock at the door and it made my head pound. I was hoping it was someone who needed a cum guzzling slut because I knew some jizz would make me feel better and it did. It was three boys from the trailer park who usually see me at the pool. I drain their horny teen dicks at the pool almost daily. They had a problem too. They woke up with morning wood but I was not at the pool to drain them like I usually do.Cum might just be the elixir I needed to make my headache go away. I was down for it. I invited them in for a blow bang. I started to feel better after load number one. That made me want to suck harder on those hairless pricks. They were smooth in my mouth. Stiff as a board too each one of them. I guzzled the cum from their balls. With each load of cum I swallowed, I started to feel better. Cum is my magic cure all. It does this body good. I spent the morning being a blow bang gangbang whore. A belly full of cum was just what I needed to get rid of my hangover.

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