I’m Fucked Up

Druggy Phone Sex

Might be kinda hard for me to post this blog today… I AM STILL FUCKED UP! Last night was super dope for me, I am still high and drunk and I don’t give a fuckkk what anyone thinks about that. My job is awesome because I am come to work fucked up as I want…Most guys are into it anyway. They like a girl like me that they know will suck their cock off for less than a 8-ball. Shit, I’d do it for free! I get off on being a whore, and once I’ve had a line or two… or even popped some molly I am horny and ready to do anything and everything. As long as I stay fucked up you can get me to do anything! I play with k9 cock, beg for gangbangs and get nice and nasty with shit puke and piss. I am always taking things to the extreme when I am fucking high and drunk!

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