I’m a Big Dick Sucker and Proud!

big dick sucker

I love it when I’m at a party and some random dude asks me if I want to suck his dick. And I tell him that as long as it’s a big one, I’m in. I think that I get invited to a lot of parties because I am known as the town slut and I’m quite the big dick sucker. So last night, I was at this fucking party and when I walked in, I saw that JC had invited a bunch of my favorites – big black cocks. It was really fucking awesome. Like, it wasn’t even my birthday but he gave me exactly what I wanted.
I don’t always deserve them in my pussy. I have to earn that. So I dropped down on my knees and they lined up in front of me because they knew that they were gonna get their money’s worth out of my whore mouth. I slurped all over those big cocks and even gagged on a few of them. I’m a slut but some of those cocks were just huge. I don’t mind gagging and the tears that run down my face. As long as I get to suck those big black cocks, I don’t care about anything else.

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