I’ll be your anal cum dumpster any day!

anal cum dumpsterLook facts are facts right? The fact is that I am one nasty fucking crack whore that loves to be an anal cum dumpster for just about anyone with a few bucks to pay me! I’ll fuck anyone, seriously I have fucked all kinds of men, everything from some old ass married dudes that could barely get it up to some gangbanging thugs… trust me I am in no way picky. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when this big fat man asked me how much I just told him my price and got in his car. He was a monster, big and fat and sweating like a pig but he had lots of money so I didn’t give a fuck! I did everything he asked… I even licked that sweaty asshole of his all nice and clean, but what he wanted most was to fuck my tight asshole. He was so fat that it was hard to get his cock in me at first but he wasn’t small at all so that big dick filled my asshole up all the way! He was rough as fuck but I was too fucked up to care… honestly I hope I get to fuck that fat motherfucker again soon, he pays real good!

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