I’ll Always Love BBC

It had been a while since I had gotten some big black cock. I mean, white dick is phenomenal but everyone knows that once you get a taste of some black cock you’ll keep going back for more. Big Daddy knows exactly how I like my twat to be filled. He makes sure that my pussy is completely occupied by nigger dick. He loves to throw my naked body onto the counter as soon as he walks through the door and push my legs behind my ears. The rush and physical dominance this man reigns down on me is enough for me to flood my panties and make his cock slide right in. He always whispers, “Damn babygirl, that fuckin pussy is so tight” in my ear when he slides past the head. I love the sound of his husky black voice as he forces his steel inside my hole. I can feel the girth stretching my pussy out and my cream covering his cock. I don’t ever want this BBC to leave my pussy!

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