Violating A Filthy Cum Dumpster

I’m always very busy and this fucking place I live seems like it’s suffocating me with nosy busy bodies. I decided one day to stroll down to the pool in my pink bikini. I knew the stairs and whispers would happen and wives would get angry and drag their husbands away from the cum dumpster whore of the community.

I smiled sweetly and even asked on of the wives to help me with some sun tan lotion on my back. Gosh, she just huffed off and stormed out of the pool. I turned to her husband that was standing there drawn and he only stuttered so I turn to him, the back of my bikini untied making for the fabric to fall between my breasts. Fully exposing them, and I saw that cock of his grow so noticeably hard and BIG! I reached for it and rubbed the outside of his shorts. Pulling his throbbing BBC from the shorts I stroked it and started blowing him right there in the pool.

cum dumpster

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