I will put anything in my ass!

anal sex whoreOkay we all know I fucking love anal, and I might not have mentioned it before, but I have this little fetish… I love putting all type of strange toys and objects into my pussy and ass. I think there is some type of thrill I must get out of you telling me to put all these strange things into my ass, and then you loving to hear my scream in pain in pleasure as I shove in in there! The other day I first shoved my 12 inch dildo up my ass, which hurt because I didn’t have the much lube to work with, but at the same time I fucking loved it too! Then I was walking around my house trying to decide what else I could shove up there… And I saw a couple things I could maybe see myself shoving right on up there. The wine bottle from the night before, that interesting lamp…but something else caught my attention. It was a black and white vase, quite large actually. I was not sure if I could truly put that thing in me…but after looking at it for a minute; I knew I just had to try. I went into my bedroom and lubed up my asshole and the vase… I was getting scared and excited. I figured the best way to get this thing in me was to sit on it, so I positioned myself ready for it. This vase did not want to go in, but I had already decided that I wanted it to fill my ass up, so you can imagine the screams and moans; the neighbors were probably worried. If you want to hear all the dirty details about just how good and also painful it was to shove this huge vase up my ass then get to calling me and maybe I can find something else strange to shove up there just for you.

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