I smell like Sweaty Leather

Anal sex whore


My man likes big saggy boobs like the ones that I have oh, he loves stretch marks too and I am here to please. My man is a rich motherfucker he lives on a ranch he’s got plenty of land to spoil me with. I am so fucking needy for his love and affection. I need him all the time, and now it’s just not an exception. Kiss me you fool you know you make me crazy I’ve got a little one, and she’s so hot we’re going to have a good time with her. Let’s do some cocaine we can even do some meth I love to get high and fuck all day and all night. Call me fucked up the man likes that for sure he loves to be with me. My man loves bold actions no taboos he really wants to fuck me rude, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says I’m still going to get my fucking pussy wrecked. I love my man because he only loves me and no one else he likes the way I satisfy him because I’m always willing to do anything. I am such a skank or and it’s okay with my boo hey really makes me feel so good better than anyone I’ve ever known. My man is a country boy he really likes to get wild he doesn’t have any rules in the bed he doesn’t have any rules at all. So I can’t wait for him to call me up and tell me to come his way so he can spray me down with his dick juice he knows I love it so much. If you’ve ever had a man like mine, you’re lucky indeed you are missing out if you’ve never been with a stud like him. Call me baby I’m missing you now don’t you know how you’re making me want you just thinking about you makes my pussy throb.

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