I love turning “straight” boys into bottoms.

Things have been rough lately in the financial department. The holidays are a killer every year. Well, I was out on the streets trying to make a little side change for something to snort when a John came up to me. He offered me $500 for 2 hours, can’t say no to that! We get to this roach coach hotel, we get to the room and he asks me how this works. I told him “honey, this works however you want it to”. He apparently missed the memo that I had a cock. He asked me to take my clothes off and when he found out I had a big meat mallet between my legs he almost fainted. I calmed him down and started stroking his dick. I told him to stare at my tits if it made him feel better. I started jerking him off, slowly sliding a finger down to what I assumed as his virgin asshole. I slowly started teasing it, and instantly got a response. He lit up as soon as I started touching his ass. I spit on my fingers and started to slide a finger inside. Before you knew it, I had him on all fours begging for me to slide the head of my cock into his tight little virgin asshole. It felt so good knowing that I helped him realize that he is a cute little fag that likes it in the ass, and the $500 didn’t hurt my feelings either.

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