I gave him all of me

live phone sexI like to party, everyone knows that, but sometimes the party is hard to come by because I am broke as shit. Well today was one of those kind of days, I wanted to get fucked up but I had no money to party with and no way of getting any… in short I was screwed! Then I remembered my dealer had a little crush on me, every time I go over there he checks me out like he is desperate for it so I decided to hook him up. I told him that he could have me, all of me, in any way he wanted if only he would get me high and keep me high and he accepted real fucking quick! He gave me some dope and told me to strip so I gave him a real nice lap dance and then settled on my knees in front of him. I was totally naked and he was rock hard, when I slid that cock down my throat it was like I had made him go to heaven! He fucked me all day long, and kept me fucked up too, it was so good that I just might make this a regular thing!

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