Dress Up Pretty for Dirt Sake

sloppy wet pussy

I’m going to twist your cock into knots because you deserve it you little fucking twat bot… I want you to put this little powder pink satin teddy with white lace trim on.  I want you in full make-up including couture, blush and nasty whore red lipstick. I’m here for that tie you up fantasy and I am the most skilled wouldn’t you agree my sweet little tiny peter, lol… You make me laugh so hard when I see you attempt to walk like a true sexy diva. Your not a diva though right Wilson, your just a skinny little twerp aren’t you? I want an answer Wilson or else! I love when you cry out that you are a Diva wanna-be and beg me to stop pointing at your itty bitty pitiful penis.

I want you to repeat after me, I Wilson am the leader of the little dick people and I am owned by Mistress Cleo. Now twist that tight little sweet-butt around like a good whore. Get your pouty ass over there and slip into those 6 inch powder pink wet leather heels it’s time to have some fun with you. I’ve got some guy friends coming over and their going to be getting frisky with you and by the way they just got out of prison.. I hope you are ready for the sadistic sexual insanity that is about to befall on you my sweet man-cunt cutie. One more thing you answer to Candy-butt from now on. There is going to be jizz-juice everywhere..

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