I Can’t feel my face

big dick suckerI can’t feel my face when I am partying like the dumb slut I truly am. I get so high I forget my name and begin to take random dicks. That’s what happens when you party at sketchy places. I love glory holes and orgy parties. I get free coke. I knew early on if I wanted to be high It was going to cost me one way or another. Thankfully I am one hot slut willing to do it all for pretty white lines. I don’t mind being used till my pink holes are stretched. I am a big dick sucker and will snort some lines off your dicks. Its fun and freaky! I never turn good coke or cock down. I will do it all and that’s something I am proud of, I don’t deny my sick tricks and the crazy lengths I will go to so that I can fulfill my highs. My pussy fucks best when I am high as a kite. The moment I get H or some crack I am ready for anything. When I say anything I mean it, I will never say no. I love it when I can’t feel my face or body.

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