I can Teach your Sister Well


Fly me out for that party I’m ready to be a party girl I’m expensive, and you can afford me. I know that you are a big man on campus and you got that money I love it and I do anything to get it and I’m a money hungry, cum-guzzling whore and I can’t wait to get really fucking nasty. I love to be all that girl I like to be that girl who loves to get really wild. I just cannot help myself I can’t be no one else I’ve got to be my own brutally honest self, and I’m nasty. I’ll fuck girls right in your face I’ll put my strap-on and fuck them hard that’s what I like to do I love to take control. I cannot stop myself I tried before, and it really makes me angry I’m left hungry for cock and cunt. I want to go to this party I want to dance around and fuck every guy that wants to fuck me. All of the parties I go to the guys they like the crowd around me because they love the way I suck cock after cock in a line. I bring all the boys to the back of the yard so they can all get sucked off very fucking good like I know how to do it the only way it is in fact. Let me teach your little sister how to be a fucking slut like me she’ll make all the fucking money in the world. Your sister is so cute with her little fucking blonde hair and her big blue eyes and her nice puckered ass. I know your sister wants to be hot just like me because she’s always asking me these fucking questions. Your sister asked me how does it feel to have so much attention from all of the guys I say to her it feels so fucking tremendous. Your sister likes to laugh, she likes to joke around and hang with me I could tell that she wants to get really fucking out of control. Your sisters tired of you she’s cuz you’re very dull but I know how to show her how to be exciting that’s what she said. So let me take your sister to this party I’m going to teach her everything she’s going to learn just how to satisfy a man and a woman even you may be. Tell me yes that I can take her don’t tell me no.

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